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According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States, recycling is a process that turns discarded materials into useable resources. Among the benefits of recycling listed by the EPA are: reduction of the need for landfills, prevention of pollution, saving of energy and decreases in emissions of greenhouse gases.


Metal appliances services

Recycling has been a buzzword for the environmentally conscious for many years. Most of us already recycle items on a daily basis like soda cans. True champions of the environment know that recycling as much as possible helps in the conservation of natural resources such as timber.


Many communities offer curbside pickup of common household items that are made of recyclable materials. For instance cans can often be put out once a week for collection by the local municipality. However, some towns do not offer this service and some items are not collected this way. That is where Clovis Recycling of Clovis, NM can help.

Clovis Recycling center accepting plastic, glass, aluminum and paper. We are open six days a week.Clovis RecyclingDexKnows Website Solutions

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